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Reach into the Heart of Africa and Save a Life

Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. is an Indiana-based adoption agency, facilitating the adoption of African orphan children by adoptive families across the free world.

As part of their business operations, information packs are routinely sent out to prospective adoptive parents, outlining the process, the policies, fee structures, etc. To cut down on printing costs, this website was designed to be an online information pack.

As you might expect, the website for Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. involved a lot of work with photographs of children. The owner of the site wanted a lot of photographs of children to entice adoptive families. Photographs like one shown here, with a 'wavy film reel' were used as a design element on the left hand side of some of the pages.

Americans for African Adoptions, Inc. is a non-profit organization, and relies heavily on donations from the public, and from adoptive families, so we also needed to include a system whereby donations could be received online.